Gems looking for host families

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. – As the next season of Klamath Falls Gems Baseball approaches, nearing a June 6 Opening Day, the club is searching for interested community members to take part in the Gems’ host family program. It is an amazing opportunity to be part of these player’s lives as they strive for their athletic goals.

The only requirements of being a host family is an extra bed and one meal per day. Some players need transportation to the ballpark, but others bring their own vehicle or can carpool with teammates.

If you are remotely interested in being a Gems’ host family, contact Bonnie Wallace, our host family coordinator.
(541) 591-9597


Please feel free to share this post with any you see fit to potentially be a “Host Family.” Our season starts in just a couple of weeks, and as we ramp up for our season in Klamath Falls – we need your help!

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