Klamath Falls Gems purchased by local business owner

KLAMATH FALLS, Oregon – The Klamath Falls Gems have been purchased by local business owner Joe O’Connor, the club announced on Friday afternoon. O’Connor, co-Founder and President of Modoc Meat, LLC, based out of Klamath Falls, will assume operations effective October 1, 2016.

The purchase was announced today by Jerry and Lisa Walker, who assumed ownership of the Gems in October 2012. “We are very happy to turn over operations of the Gems to someone local and who is familiar with the team,” said Lisa Walker, who served as General Manager of the Gems for the past few seasons. “It’s always been a community team and our number one goal was to keep it local.”

O’Connor is no stranger to the Gems as he played a role with the Gems in 2016, assisting the team on the field with coaching and training. “I’m delighted to become the new owner,” said O’Connor. “I will operate the team with great pride and plan to make the team the very best it can be both on and off the field. I expect a very smooth transition and want to thank the Walkers for giving me this opportunity and for their steadfast support of the Gems over the years.”

O’Connor started Modoc Meats in 2012 and is the owner/operator of O’Connor Sheep Company. He served in the United States Navy from 2003-2008. O’Connor was the Head Baseball Coach at Lost River High School from 2012-2016. In 2015, he was named Special District Baseball Coach of the Year.

About the Klamath Falls Gems: The Klamath Falls Gems are a collegiate wood bat baseball team based in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Their inaugural season was in 2011, as a member of the West Coast League. Jerry and Lisa Walker assumed ownership of the Gems in October 2012 from a group of local investors. The Gems are named after the former minor league baseball team who played in the original Far West League from 1948-1951. Home games are played at Kiger Stadium in Klamath Falls. Tater is the team mascot.

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  1. Congratulations Joe………I spoke with Jerry Walker on the phone earlier today, he called me but I had already heard from another source who is connected with the GEMS.
    Jerry aka “the limerick dawg”

  2. Please keep them local I want to see them play. Trying to figure out how to get to the there. But have a hard time walking great distance. My son in law is Tater part time. I know people in Klamath Falls love there Jems. So do people in Yreka. Thank you sir

  3. Thank you Jerry. Your support means a great deal to me. You mean a great deal to the team. I’m excited to have around next season to help take care of the boys.

  4. It is a great thing that a local person is now in charge of the Gems. I live in Salem where the old owners (Jerry and Lisa Walker) are busy year round running the Northwest Leagues Salem-Keizer Volcanoes! Since the Timberjacks left Medford, this is the ONLY baseball in the Southern Oregon area that is not college or high school affiliated. I travel twice a season to watch the Gems and am looking forward to this next year already.

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