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It covers general and customized client and cloud communications as well as video products and services, and enables highly efficient communications and business collaboration across terminals, platforms and regions.

One-stop services ranging from consultation to delivery for facilitating business growth of customers.
Consultancy and survey

Learn about the actual needs of customers and difficulties in the business process, and evaluate customers’ current situation of IT capability, architecture, terminal and network.

Planning and design

By giving an overall consideration to the factors such as industrial development, technical trends and customers’ capability, Digital China has designed enterprise collaboration architectures and customized solutions in line with customers’ needs.


By relying on China’s nationwide proprietary technical service team and the agile supply chain system, it can make and test the plan on schedule and ensure successful delivery to customers.

Optimization and upgrading

Making suggestions on optimization and extension in accordance with customers’ business growth and changes of market environments.

Products and services
Shenzhou Video global cloud services


• Enterprise-level high-resolution video conference mobile clients enable convenient and efficient participation in high-resolution video conference within and beyond enterprise

• Video conference platform based on global cloud services, video servers in major cities across the world, excellent performance in transnational video conference.

• High-level security strategy in compliance with international standards

• Significant reduction of customers’ operation & maintenance costs due to terminal de-customization and low-bandwidth Internet access.

High-definition video collaboration solution


• Multi-point conference: multiple venues, large number of participants, multi-venue interaction.

• Remote training: double flow transmission for both human images and teaching courseware

• Emergency command: timely understanding of onsite situation and highly efficient treatment of emergency events

• Unified communications: compliance with multiple access modes such as Internet, PSTN telephony and satellite link communication, etc.

Solutions of smart contact center


• Management of multi-channel access on the unified platform.

• Higher seating efficiency through assistance of intelligent robots

• Automatic voice quality testing, higher coverage, efficiency and relevance of quality testing

• Real-time large-screen monitoring over operations

A complete ecosystem of product and technology
Video conference
Unified communications
Contact center and auxiliary system
Professional audio and processor
LED and interactive touch panel

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