Host Family

During the summer, more than 30 players from all over the United States come to Klamath Falls to play for the Gems. With the short time they are in Oregon, they are in need of housing during the 35-40 days they are not on the road with the team.

Allowing a player or two to stay in your extra bedroom during the summer benefits you, and our players, in many ways.

Living with a host family gives the players a safe place to come home to, a family atmosphere and a feeling of home while they are in a new town. With the team on the road half of the season, your host player will be in your home for about 35 days over the course of 2 ½ months during the summer.  When they are at home, they spend most of their time at the ballpark, so they really just need a place to sleep at night after the game.

For you, the host family, you’ll find that close, long-lasting relationships develop with your players. Also, you’ll receive benefits from the Gems as well. You’ll receive grandstand season tickets (two tickets for each player you take in), you’ll be invited to attend host family-exclusive events, receive on-field recognition, receive a discount on certain items in the Gems Team Shop, plus your child gets to attend one Gems Summer Camp for FREE, plus many other benefits as we move through the season.

We’ll match you with a player or two that will fit in to your home and lifestyle, through interviews and personal contact with the players before they arrive in June.

For more information on how to become a Gems host family, you may also call Bonnie Wallace (541) 591-9597 or email, You’ll be glad you did!