Stock Code:000034.SZ
Digital China (000034.SZ) Included in the FTSE Russell Global Stock Index for the First Time, Attracting Highly Attention from International Investors
Date of issue:2020-08-24
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FTSE Russell, a leading international index maker, announced its quarterly review results of flagship indexes in August 2020. According to the announcement, 150 new A-shares of Chinese companies have been included into the FTSE global stock index series, and this will come into effect after the closing on September 18 and before the opening on September 21. It is noteworthy that Digital China (000034.SZ), after being selected into the MSCI China A-share onshore index, was once again included in the A-share index list by FTSE Russell, the second largest index maker in the world, and attracted wide attention from international investors.

With this as an opportunity, Digital China will continuously improve its corporate governance capability and management level, rationalize its layout, broaden business field, strengthen its core cloud service capacity, and make its digital ecology bigger and stronger. While rewarding investors with good performance, Digital China will embrace the new wave of infrastructure construction and boost the development of China's digital economy.

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