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Top 50 e-government providers in 2020! Digital China enables digital transformation of industry with cloud as device
Date of issue:2020-06-17
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On June 16, Internet Week and eNet Research Institute jointly released the list of top 50 e-government providers in 2020. Digital China was successfully shortlisted with the emergency support storage project of Beijing Ditan Hospital, ranking 13th. The comments are as follows: & quo; adhering to the original intention of Digital China, enabling the war with & lsquo; and promoting the digital transformation and upgrading of the industry with independent innovation, and digital China is on the way. ”

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It is reported that "Internet Weekly" is in charge of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The list covers the mainstream traditional large-scale Internet companies and financial technology companies in China, and has been highly recognized in the industry and abroad. On the one hand, it proves the excellent service ability and strength of Digital China in the field of e-government, and on the other hand, it is also another successful practice of Digital China to deeply explore the industry scene and promote the application of emerging technologies.

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