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Realize customer value reconstruction with digitalization——Guo Wei attends Alibaba cloud partner Summit
Date of issue:2020-06-16
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On June 16, 2020, the Alibaba cloud partners summit was successfully held online. In the context of the rapid increase of digital demand in the whole society caused by the epidemic, the main contradiction between the demand for digital solutions and the current shortage of supply has become a major contradiction. How to accelerate the construction of cloud infrastructure around the new infrastructure, focus on solving customer needs, and create a rich application ecology on the cloud has become the focus of this summit. Guo Wei, chairman and President of Digital China group, was invited to attend the summit and shared his understanding of digital transformation.

Guo Wei said that digital China, as a high-tech company committed to China's digital transformation, and Alibaba cloud, as China's largest cloud infrastructure provider, both sides interact with each other in the field of digitalization and work together to continuously improve their basic service ability and technical support ability. The overall situation is good. In the three years of Digital China's transformation to cloud, with Alibaba cloud as the infrastructure, it has continued to provide MSP and digital services for Chinese enterprises. In 2019, the two sides will deepen their cooperation, and digital China will become Alibaba cloud's national general distributor and MSP core partner, marking that the cooperation between the two sides has entered a new historical development stage.

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