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Launch of Bluemo to Reduce Cost and Improve Efficiency
Date of issue:2021-02-03
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Digital China, a domestically leading cloud and digital service provider, launched Bluemo, a multi-cloud billing management platform on February 3. Based on the years of engagement and the strength of cloud MSP, Bluemo is designed to provide enterprises with multi-granularity bill splitting services, including visibility, management and optimization of cloud bills, thus realizing cost reduction, efficiency improvement, information security reinforcement, and multi-cloud advantage maximization.

Challenges faced by cost control in a multi-cloud context

Multi-cloud deployment prevails among enterprises. The Flexera 2020 State of the Cloud Report revealed that 93% and 87% of enterprises have adopted multi-cloud strategy and hybrid-cloud strategy, respectively. Forecasted by IDC, by 2021, over 90 percent of Chinese enterprises will tie local/exclusive private clouds in public clouds and legacy platforms for infrastructure needs. Multi-cloud deployment will then come close to the most important market inflection point.

Most enterprises opt for the multi-cloud deployment pattern for a more flexible, agile environment and a lower cost. However, corporate governance is challenged by cumbersome billing and settlement models designed by cloud providers, as well as the dispersed cloud resources.

A cloud provider typically charge on a volume basis or on a monthly/yearly basis. Taking the latter as an example, the actual usage fails to be timely revealed due to tough limit trials. In addition, the bills provided tend to be traditional day-to-day accounts without clear spending structures.

Moreover, resource decentralization makes it hard to apportion cloud service fees reasonably across departments, which in turn takes a great deal of time and manpower to review the statements. In the light of the inefficient consumption analysis, budgeting optimization is not easy, while costs become uncontrollable and unpredictable.

Cost reduction and efficiency enhancement via Bluemo

DC Bluemo emerges in response to the higher demand of resource utilization under the multi-cloud circumstance. By integrating the resource statements of Azure, AWS and Alibaba Cloud, it has proposed strategies for rational cloud resource application and optimum cost allocation. With its help, enterprises have witnessed improvement in terms of bill splitting & integration, accurate consumption analysis, limit control, resource utilization and premier project regulation.

Multidimensional analysis and overall comprehension

By virtue of the dashboard and the statement analysis function, enterprises can access the statements of multi-cloud resources, promote the overall management, figure out the cost trends in a multi-granularity and multi-dimensional manner, and support the project optimization.

Limit control and timely warning

In view of the pain point of cost control difficulty, Bluemo configures the limit from the perspective of enterprises, cloud providers, departments, projects, resource groups and so on, and raises early warnings when the actual expenditure approaches the limit.

Overlapping and multilevel bills

Bills are prepared in line with departmental requirements under flexible and rigorous permission management, so that efficiency and data security are guaranteed.

Cost analysis on a monthly/yearly basis

Exampled by Microsoft Azure, the yearly CPP resources are available to the platform. Meanwhile, CPP consumption and expenses are thoroughly analyzed as per project dimensions. The function of reviewing modification records is added, for the sake of real-time resource changing and tracing.

Digital China has been way ahead in the cloud MPS industry, with its market size ranking top by the Market Share of Third Party Cloud Management Services in China 2019, released by IDC. Launching Bluemo indicates that its data service capability scales new heights, and the cloud MSP power will be further improved. Digital China will stick to sharpening the R&D strength of data and multi-cloud management and the technical service, maintaining the momentum of innovation, stimulating the development of MSP industry, and speeding up the digital transformation.

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