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Digital China Ranked First Among the Top 10 IT Cloud Service Providers in China
Date of issue:2021-02-26
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China’s IT Service Omni-media Platform released the List of China’s IT Service Providers, 2020-2021 on February 25, 2021. Digital China, as a leading cloud and digital service provider in China, ranked first with its professional competence and rich experience.

The list is a comprehensive review of China's IT service field and is made once a year, including awards such as Top 10 Data Center OM, Top 10 Innovative IT Application OM, Top 10 Innovative IT Application Cloud, Top 10 Cloud Service, Top 10 Smart City Service Providers, and Top 100 Smart OM. Ranking first in the List of China’s IT Service Providers confirmed the company’s rapid expansion in the field last year.

The applications of cloud computing become a hot trend in 2020. Enterprise demands for development, migration, hosting, cloud service OM, etc. have been put forward rapidly. Based on technology and service strengths, DC has achieved first-mover advantages in terms of cloud computing, big data, AI, IoT, etc.

DC also built an overall chain in 2020, covering international mainstream public cloud providers, such as Alibaba Cloud, AWS, Azure, Huawei Cloud, China Mobile Cloud, JD Cloud, and CVM. Furthermore, it made up for the service shortcomings of Google Cloud Platform by acquiring GoPomelo Holding Pte. Ltd, and further improved the diversified layout in MSP. The market size in MSP ranked top by Market Share of Third Party Cloud Management Services in China 2019 released by IDC. It was also recorded in the Gartner's Market Guide for Public Cloud Managed and Professional Services Providers, Asia/Pacific for the first time. It ranked in the first echelon by the Now Tech: Hybrid Cloud Management Software in China released by Forrester.

Plenty of cloud service experience and cases have been gathered during the digital transformation for customers from all walks of life. Digital China has provided cloud services for more than 300 mid and large-sized enterprises (including more than 50 from the Global 500), and migration service and management service for more than 15,000 and more than 10,000 cloud servers respectively. While reinforcing business strength, it also helps customers significantly reduce costs and increase efficiency. In addition, it assists large-sized enterprises in boosting annual cloud business by 150% and cutting annual cloud operating expenses by over 22% on average.

Cloud computing applications are still going strong in 2021. SASAC pointed out that the next-generation information technologies, such as 5G, cloud computing, blockchain, AI, digital twin, and BDS, should be applied to build an agile, efficient and reusable digital infrastructure, optimize the layout of data centers, improve service quality, and accelerate the pace of cloud computing in the Notice on Accelerating the Digital Transformation of State-owned Enterprises.

Forecast by IDC, by 2024, the global IT infrastructure that supports public and private clouds will climb to 63.6% from 49.6% in 2019, and China’s cloud computing market, including cloud and relevant services, and cloud infrastructure construction will exceed 100 billion US dollars.

Confronted with unprecedented opportunities in the digital era, Digital China will keep playing the leading role to facilitate the development of cloud services and the digital transformation of all industries, optimize technology and service systems, and supply customers with abundant cloud services.

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